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Thursday, 23 October 2008 17:15

About Us!

In ORSRADIO.COM you can find a lot of diversity in music because we know
your expectations and demands of the music. That’s why, in our music industry we love
to have more than what is popular at this moment, but it goes beyond a simple idea,
creating greater multiplicity and satisfying the tastes and ears of our wide scope of
There is always, behind the studio, a large staff working harder and bringing to
you the best of each day so that you can enjoy the music walking to the office, in your
car, at home, at the library or even with the comfort of your notebook through the
internet in one channel which will provide you all the music and artists that you most
In addition, our efforts to give you the best quality in music every single day, the
constant research on specific artists and the good communication within our team to
work together, make us one of the best worldwide in the community of DJs in North
America with an entire range of contemporary sounds. This is and will be for always, our
motivation to keep working for you.
ORSRADIO focuses on giving the listeners the option to tune in to their favourite
musical category from our boxes or links right on our main website, such as Rock,
Top40, Pop, Oldies, Classical, 80s and 90s, Jazz, Techno, Classic Rock, Hip-Hop, Latin
Pop, RnB, House, Trance, Country, Lite Music and much more.
To sum up, this radio station wants to give you a lot of fun and, at the same time,
this music will create inside your body the accurate harmony and the appropriate
atmosphere to feel free with an inner peace. Besides, you will explore a feeling that your
body is being moved by the emotion of the music that comes from ORSRADIO.COM.
This new internet broadcasting radio station, recognized since 2007, has more
than five channels covering a wider variety of music than you can imagine from all over
the world; including many cultures and subcultures and gathering all of them into one
piece of art, the music.
Moreover, technically speaking, we ensure that our bandwidth is always sufficient
to prevent exceeding 80% total capacity. This is important for service delivery through
secure networks, where it is essential to have a strong bandwidth.
After all, ORSRADIO is the only radio station that will provide you more than our
Top radio music; Rock classics, Pop music from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, Hip Hop, RnB
and Classical Soul music, Country, Electronic, New Age, Techno and Dance, Oldies
from 30’s to the 60’s, Classical Instrumental and Jazz, Chill-out and Lounge, American
Folk and Blues music, Lite music and Soundtracks from movies, Kids music and
Independent artists, Adult Talk Comedy and Shows, Religious music, Christmas and
Spanish music from all the genres, info about artists and what they are playing, because
we, ORSRADIO.COM, want to give you a sense of well-being for your body, mind and
soul, every time you tune in to our radio station just for fun.








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