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Rock Top 40 Today’s best Rock hits

Top40 Rock .. Classic Rock . 90s Rock.. 80s Rock.. Alternative Rock.. today’s best hits all day long the best rock you can find on the net it’s all here join us and start listening and requesting for your favorite rock songs.


 Top 40 Rock!

 Classic Rock!

 Top 40 RockClassic Rock

If you like to rock, you'll love Rock Top40! We bring you all the latest chart-smashing rock hits. Guitar solos, bass riffs and drum fills... everything you need for a great rock song is easy to find on Rock Top40!


The word classic says a lot about a song, and we don't use the term lightly. Tune in to Classic Rock for our pick of the best Rock songs from the last 50 years. Featuring countless instantly-recognisable rock classics from artists across the world.


 Alternative Rock!

 Hard Rock!

 Alternative Rock Hard Rock

On Alternative Rock we bring you some of the best rock tunes for you to enjoy. Prepare to be blown away by our great selection of some alt-rock classics, as well as some recent alt-rock hits!


Crank the volume up to eleven, tune into Hard Rock and get ready for some of the best rock music in history! Whether past or present, Hard Rock brings you the best rock tunes around to help you keep rockin'!


 80s Metal!

 Mix Rock!

 80s MetalMix Rock

80s Metal is the perfect place to rock out to some of the hardest metal tunes from the 1980s. Turn the volume up and let us whisk you away to a world of face-melting guitar solos and incredible drum beats. Nothing gets you going like a good dose of metal!


Rock music is huge across the globe, and there are literally hundreds of different styles to choose from. No wonder finding the best rock music can be a daunting task! We've made your life easy with Mix Rock – simply tune in, sit back, and enjoy the finest Rock tracks known to the music scene!


 Soft Rock!

 90s Rock!

 Soft Rock 90s Rock

If you're a rock lover who needs a little time to relax, tune in to Soft Rock! We've compiled a huge collection of slower, calmer rock songs for the rocker who's reached the rock limit! A perfect recipe for relaxation, our play list is guaranteed to get you rocking again in no time!


The nineties rocked harder than any other period of time in living memory, and 90s Rock brings you the best of the best, with timeless classic rock tracks and all the leather you could ask for! If rock is your thing, you'll feel right at home tuned into 90s Rock!


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