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Thursday, 23 October 2008 18:06


1. having problems with the connection?
It usually happens at the beginning of stream and it shouldn't buffer anymore after that If you stream stops playing every few seconds that's because there is a problem in the connection from the pc that is connected to the server where the stream is been sent to that computer if you have Cable DSL you connection should be good most of the time but in some cases there may be some problems in the connection

2. What format are we streaming?
We broadcast at tow different speeds high speed and low speed using the latest technology of WMA and MP3 Format Windows media for all windows users and I tunes for the Mac users


3. What do I need to start enjoying the best music?
You need Windows Media player 10+, I Tunes or winamp for Linux OS you'll need to use Xmms if you are having problems connection please visit the help page


4. Do you share music?
No we don't share or encourage others to share music we have a zero tolerance we don't accept mp3s from artists that are on the main stream unless its and independent artist that has not signed with a major label company


8. What's bandwidth?
Bandwidth is the amount of data that's transferred from one computer to another usually from a server in to the user that visits the website. Bandwidth is also known as Data Transfer, Internet Radio broadcast bandwidth works in a different way the user is using data all the time while listening the radio broadcast, in a website the user only uses the bandwidth when the user loads the page after that it stops using the connection, listener uses about 128kbps in a 100 Mbps line there is capacity for 700 listeners so the more listeners the more capacity is needed to keep up with the bandwidth.



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